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ET-ELW22 - Short Throw Zoom Lens

Short Throw Zoom Lens Allows Flexible Installation in Limited Spaces

  • A short throw ratio of approximately 0.8-1.0:1 adds flexibility for installation in narrow spaces.
  • A projection distance from 1.71 to 2.13 meters (5.61 to 6.99 feet) is supported for a 100-inch wide screen.*
  • The powered zoom/focus/lens shift features allow convenient setup by remote control.
  • The ET-ELW22 is compatible with the PT-EZ770 Series and PT-EZ580 Series of Panasonic LCD projectors.
  • The lens can be easily shared between the two lines due to a quick-detachable design.
* For the PT-EZ770 and PT-EZ580
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