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Panasonic PT-DZ21K Collects InAVate Award for Most Innovative Commercial Projector Above 10K Lumens

The new series of large venue projectors which includes the DZ21K is characterised by the combination of 20,000 lumen of brightness and rich features within an extra compact body.  Three components which contribute to the quality and value of the series are the splendour of the images produced despite the compact body, the high reliability and low TCO with easy maintenance and the system and installation flexibility and diversity.

The image quality of the DZ21 series is created through its contrast ratio, detail clarity and colour perception as well as its brightness. The high contrast ratio is created by a dynamic iris through a scene-linking aperture mechanism which makes it possible to achieve high contrast without reducing brightness. This helps to reproduce deeper, richer blacks and provides images with more detailed textures. The natural clarity of the DZ21 is achieved as a result of the detail clarity processor in which a unique circuit optimizes the sharpness of each image, resulting in images which have more natural, lifelike expression. Colour perception is also enhanced within the series as a result of the Daylight View 2 system which optimizes image quality to improve the colour perception of the projected image in bright rooms. Finally, a brightness of 20K lm is created using a unique quad-lamp system with high-power UHM lamps, providing highly comfortable viewing even in bright lighting, and allowing viewers to concentrate easily on the images. These elements make the DZ21 ideal for large venues and use within events as the images are clear and bright enough to be viewed with ease from a distance.

The DZ21 series also offers commercial users high reliability and low total cost of ownership with easy maintenance through its design. The reliability of the series is a result of the four-lamp system and the unique liquid cooling system. The four-lamp system allows the projector to keep working even if a lamp should fail and facilitates the lamp relay system for 24 hour projection, and the liquid cooling system directly cools the DLP ™ chip to improve performance. The low total cost of ownership is generated through an environmentally friendly design including the use of an eco filter which needs no maintenance for up to 12,000 hours. Each lamp offers a replacement cycle of up to 2,000 hours and consumes only 2,300 W as a result of projector's design. The eco filter which has been implemented has an electrostatic micro cut filter that collects minute dust particles with an ion effect. It combines with the dust-resistant cabinet to enable long-term use even under harsh conditions. Its maintenance cycle of up to 12,000 hours reduces hassle, and the environmental design lets you wash the filter with water and reuse it. Finally, the design enables easy maintenance; most specifically easy lamp replacement as you can replace the lamp from the rear. This makes it easy to replace a lamp while the projector is still in the mounting bracket or dual stacked.

Finally the series offers system installation and function flexibility through a multitude of adjustable and customizable features.  Firstly, the unit can be set-up vertically or horizontally through the use of brackets. More diverse installations may therefore be taken on as a result of this flexibility. Similarly, geometric adjustment adjusts the image for projection onto spherical, cylindrical and other specially shaped screens easily using only the remote control. This further expands the possibilities as projection can be achieved onto more complex shapes such as buildings. A series of control mechanisms add to the possible complexity of the projection as multiple screens and projections can be managed simultaneously and controlled via a hub and a multi-screen support system.  

It was the combination of these strengths which resulted in the selection of the DZ21K for use during the opening and closing ceremonies in the London 2012 Olympic Games.  The show was backed up by a host of staging technologies using latest audio visual equipment. Panasonic as the Official Worldwide Audio Video Equipment Sponsor of the Olympic Games contributed the very latest ultra bright projection technology to light up a chapter of the story that celebrated British music culture and heritage from past to present.  For this typical British suburban residential houses where erected on the field of the Olympic Stadium within a very short time frame. In the next moments the houses’ facades came to life showing extracts from some of the most iconic movies and music videos performed by Britain’s best known artists and actors.

Those videos were projected onto the four sides of the building’s surface using the very latest Panasonic twenty thousand lumens  brightness PT-DZ21K Series projectors which were installed more than one hundred meters away on the stands and below the roof of the Olympic Stadium. In total 20 projectors shooting their images from eight different angles illuminated the outside fascias of the houses turning them into giant screens full of vibrancy and colour. This application with a very long projection throw distance and a large, complex shaped projection surface required a powerful projection system with high performance masking and 3D mapping capabilities. In keeping with the upright orientation of the projection surface the projectors where mounted and stacked in portrait mode position, using the high installation flexibility of the PT-DZ21K series .

Incredible images with vivid colours and high resolution detail were projected from the PT-DZ21K series projectors to blend the video content of the portrayed clips into the excitement of the performance within the stadium, making links to the hundreds performers on the field and on the stages in their colourful costumes and building an unprecedented scenery of light, colour and music that captured everyone’s imagination and emotion.

Panasonic is proud to have contributed to the unique visual experience seen at this first truly global showcase of the new 21K projector at the Opening Ceremony and in doing so has accomplished a new benchmark for the industry with the smallest and lightest 20.000 Lumen projector available.  Along with other Panasonic audio visual solutions ranging from IP surveillance equipment, which helped ensure a safe and enjoyable games, along with P2 broadcast camera equipment and large ultra bright screens seen in the park and across the country, Panasonic has shown the scale dedication and innovation required to deliver one of the most impressive shows ever seen.