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Located in the heart of the St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, the Guinness Storehouse presents a brand journey that begins at the bottom of the world's largest pint glass and continues up seven floors with interactive experiences that fuse Guinness' long brewing heritage with Ireland's history.

At the end of the  journey visitors can enjoy a pint of Guinness in the rooftop Gravity Bar with 360 degree views of Dublin city.

When the attraction was looking to update the interactive experiences available to visitors, Panasonic came on board to create new, visually stunning, exhibitions.

World of Advertising

As part of the attraction, visitors are taken on a journey of Guinness since it first originated in 1759. Part of the journey sees a floor dedicated to the 'World of Advertising'.

Guinness is known around the world for its award winning advertising, as such this section of the experience needed to reflect and maintain this world class standard.

The 'World of Advertising' looks at Guinness print, digital and TV campaigns through the ages. Capturing people's imagination is something that these campaigns have always aimed to do, and so the Storehouse needed technology that could support this.

"We have 1.5million visitors every year, so for us we have to have a confidence in our technology here."

The floor includes a 250 degree projection of some of the greatest Guinness adverts, which is combined with a thumping backing track, aimed at capturing people's attention and reinforcing the large scale of Guinness.

A total of 12 Panasonic PT-DW640 are edge blended to create a captivating projection that surrounds visitors. The projectors feature a dual-lamp system to ensure redundancy. It means, if one lamp fails then the other will ensure that the show goes on.

The projector also features an original Eco Filter which eliminates the need for filter replacement for up to 12,000 hours.

Brian Franzoni, Managing Director at Rockbrook Engineering, said, "This is an extremely popular attraction, which leaves us very little time for maintenance. In order to ensure that exhibition remains open for thousands of guests every day, we use Panasonic projectors with inbuilt redundancy for the project.

The 6,000 lumens PT-DW640, a 1-chip DLP™ projector, features an RGB Booster, to ensure vivid, colourful images.

Like a fish needs a bicycle

Panasonic's PT-DW640 is used to create an animated backdrop for a mechanical version of Guinness' famous 'fish on a bicycle'. The DW640 offers high picture quality and durability, making it ideal for use in auditoriums, museums and visitor attractions.

"We really wanted to capture everyone's imaginations; everybody has their favourite Guinness advert. So we wanted to display different ways that people have engaged with the ads over the years." said, Eibhlin Colgan, Archive Manager at Guinness Storehouse. “The 250 degree projection is a finale to the ‘World of Advertising’, bringing to life the world class Guinness television adverts, within a bespoke immersive environment.”


For a world renowned brand that welcomes such a high volume of people everyday reliability is key. It is important that each visitor is given the same experience, and that staff at Guinness Storehouse are confident in what is being presented to the public.

Eibhlin Colgan explains, "We have 1.5million visitors every year, so for us we have to have a confidence in our technology. From the moment our first visitors come through the doors and for the whole day, we need to ensure that they are going to get an enjoyable and immersive experience, which means technology we can rely on."

Other installations

Additionally, two Panasonic PT-D5700 projectors are used within the Cooperage & Transport exhibit, which tells the story of how Guinness® has been travelling the globe since 1769. Today, Guinness® is shipped to over 150 countries.

A giant projection also engages visitors to the gift shop. It uses a 16,000 lumen Panasonic 3 chip DLP™ projector to project offers and advertising within the attraction’s retail space, creating a three metre screen behind the payment counter.  

Lucy Meredith, Field Marketing Specialist at Panasonic, said, "It's been great to visit the Guinness Storehouse, to see how our technology is being used here and to hear how pleased the staff are with what we have provided. The 'World of Advertising' is really impressive, especially the 250 degree projection room."


Kit List 

12 x PT-DW640
2 x PT-D5700
1 x PT-EX16K