• Visual System Solutions


Panasonic has used ICOM Milano 2016 (International Council of Museums) to showcase its visual and security solutions aimed at enriching the visitor experience in the museum sector.

The highlight of the conference is the presentation of ‘Ancient times seen through a modern lens’, a collaboration on how to enrich the visitor experience using today’s technology, with Moesgaard Museum and CAVI (Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction).

On the booth, Panasonic showcased its innovative hybrid lighting projector the ‘Space Player™’ which allows the creation of stunning micro mapping attractions and Light ID technology, which enables simple sharing of content via a mobile app for information, entertainment, guidance and advertising, using the transmission of Light IDs from LED display technology.

Hartmut Kulessa, European Marketing Manager for Projector Products, said, “Today’s technologically literate society has put added importance on the way museums are able to create fun and interactive exhibitions. Technology like the Light ID is allowing that to happen. What’s more when we incorporate our security technology we can virtually eliminate bottlenecks by automating way-finding around visitor attractions as well as gaining a better understanding of the demographics of visitors.”

For more information on Panasonic Visual System Solutions please visit booth 35 at ICOM 2016 (3rd to 9th July 2016, Milan, Italy) or click https://business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system