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Research points to the true cost of laser projection

New research has revealed that laser projection is now more cost effective than traditional lamp based technology.

A study by ROI team, commissioned by Panasonic, evaluated the performance of the Panasonic 6,500 lumens RZ670 laser projector against a range of the most-purchased lamp-lit projectors in three key verticals, museums and galleries, higher education and rental and staging.

They found that Total Cost of Ownership was 11% lower, carbon emissions were reduced by 26% and light output was 22% greater overall.

Panasonic has been at the forefront of development in laser projection, and unveiled the 4K PT-RQ13K at ISE 2015, the most compact and lightweight laser projector of its kind in the world.

“Taking into account all costs associated with the purchase and effective operation of a projector, we found a clear advantage for the Panasonic RZ670 compared with a range of lamp-lit projectors,” said Andrew McCall, Managing Director of ROI Team. “Total cost of ownership was 11 per cent lower in museums and higher education and 54% lower in rental and staging.”

The research also found that the move to laser could change working practices within the rental and staging industry. As the prospect of failure for any single laser projector is very unlikely, the pre-hire check could be compressed and carried out at the next hire location, triggering big savings in transport and storage. A process of Point to Point hiring would save some 86 redundant days per projector per year – an increase in productivity of 33%.  

Furthermore, ROI team suggest one back-up projector would be sufficient to cover ten projectors in the front line. With sector professionals telling researchers that one projector in every five is at location to provide ‘hot back-up’ the potential saving equates to between 5% and 10% of hire costs.

Hartmut Kulessa, Marketing Manager Projector Products, Panasonic Visual System Solutions, said, “This is an important piece of research that should provide confidence to end users that the switch to digital will not only be cost effective, but brighter and more energy efficient.”

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