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New Panasonic projector to ‘change the way meetings are run’

Panasonic is set to release a new portable projector series, the first to support wireless mirroring via Intel® Pro WiDi, improving collaboration and streamlining meetings and classes. 

Networked models of the VW350 series will support wireless mirroring of almost any media including video, websites and documents.

Intel® Pro Widi enables enhanced collaboration with multi-screen support and connection for up to 10 PC's simultaneously. Enabling moderator mode gives the user full control and avoids unwanted sharing of sensitive content.

Hartmut Kulessa, Marketing Manager Projector Products, Panasonic Visual System Solutions said, “Setting up a meeting requires time and reduces productivity. Cables need to be connected, sometimes the right connectors are not available and sometimes there are problems with the aspect ratio or resolution.

"Using Intel® Pro WiDi wireless connectivity means your content is on screen in a few seconds with just a push of a button, so that meetings can kick-off faster. It can fundamentally change the way meetings are run.”

All models in the series include an HDMI input, monitor out, and two D-sub inputs as well as an inbuilt 10W speaker. Network variants allow the addition of a memory viewer for easy media display via a USB memory stick.

The VW350 is the world’s smallest and most lightweight projector in the 4,000 lumens brightness class. As well as superior brightness and contrast over legacy models, lamp replacement has been extended to 5,000 hours (7,000 hours in Eco Mode), resulting in lower total cost of ownership.

The four model series comprises of the PT-VW355N (WXGA, 4,000 lm) and PT-VX425N (XGA, 4,500 lm) and two non-network variants, the PT-VW350 (WXGA, 4,000 lm) and PT-VX420 (XGA, 4,500 lm), both with similar base specification.

For further information visit: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system/.