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Making multi-source learning available everywhere

Making multi-source learning available everywhere.

More than ever, universities and colleges need to provide more engaging learning environments, if they’re to involve students more fully. With distance learning now an everyday reality, and accessibility a core requirement, technology has a key role to play in helping educational establishments stay effective and competitive in the marketplace.

At the heart of this lies effective digital learning, integrating audio/visual content. But if you don’t have an in-house video production team, and when budgets are increasingly tight, how do you create multi-source learning content that’s interactive, professional, accessible and easy to achieve?

A good place to start is Panasonic’s digitisation solution for education.

In collaboration with our software partners, we offer a ‘glass-to-glass’ technology platform that can support the delivery of video-based learning in key educational areas, including:

Lecture theatres and auditoriums

  • PTZ cameras that can be controlled remotely by automated systems – this includes entry-level models with 4K and Full HD capability, and premium PTZ camera systems with built-in Network Device Interface (NDI) support, that give the user more control, ease of use and installation, and cost-efficiency, as operator aren’t needed for each camera.

  • Server- or PC-based auto-tracking software – which can be fully integrated into media controls – follows the lecturer as they deliver their sessions, delivering extensive flexibility and making every lecture easy and comfortable for the viewing audience, rather than tiring.

  • Maintenance-free 4k projectors, offering brightness ranging from 5,000–50,000 lumens, that deliver exceptional visualisation of images, data and video, whatever the room or screen size.

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Collaborative learning spaces

  • Interactive multi-touch displays, ranging from 55”-86”,  enhance collaborative and active learning through InGlass and Infrared touch technology

  • BYOD applications are getting increasingly more important. With Wireless presentation systems from plug-and-play content delivery, to a dongle free, fully integrated SDM version which both don’t require any complex cabling or set up – simply start presenting

Lecture capture control centre

  • The auto-tracking software makes lecture capture far more straightforward in the control centre, without the need for a separate camera operator and controlling up to 4 cameras at one time

  • The free-to-download PTZ control centre software also gives the user far more control from a central point, with pan, tilt and zoom managed through an intuitive interface, along with easy picture quality adjustment and simultaneous control of multiple screens, camera SD recording and automatic camera discovery

"The students can focus more on what the lecturer is saying and they can use this as a revision tool afterwards."

Don Moffatt, Media Technology Development Manager, Edge Hill University

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Working alongside Panasonic hardware is powerful video content management software, which combines all components and allows you to secure, manage and share knowledge with your students via a fully searchable, secure and quick video database.

  • Manage your content
    Manage your lectures, classroom videos and multimedia assets in a platform that’s secure and easy to search.

  • Create a virtual classroom
    Manage your lectures, classroom videos and multimedia assets in a platform that’s secure and easy to search.

  • Put accessibility at the heart of learning
    For students with disabilities or long-term illnesses who can’t attend lessons in person, or for overseas students who need to follow the language at their own pace, our technology makes learning more accessible than ever before.

  • Make learning more active
    Video and rich multimedia content mean lectures and lessons become more interactive, more engaging and more memorable. And with intelligent indexing, students can easily search for the content they need.

  • Integrate practical sessions
    Use the video camera technology to capture demonstrations, experiments, practical role-play scenarios and more.

Panasonic technology in action

Take a look at our digitisation case studies, and find out how it’s helping organisations capture and share their content across many different audiences.

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