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LinkRay™ Technology

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Transmit digital content to mobile through light

LinkRay™ uses LED light to transmit digital content to mobile devices, turning digital signage displays, signboards and light sources in to 1-2-1 marketing tools for smartphones.

Users can receive data sent from LinkRay™ transmitters by using their smartphone’s camera. Information can be downloaded and displayed in the user’s native language, augmenting visitor experiences in spaces such as museums and galleries, as well as in retail environments.

Watch how Linkray™ technology turns signage displays into 1-2-1 marketing tools.

Benefits of LinkRay™

LinkRay™ provides and unprecedented user experience by harnessing mobile technologies

Market effectively through LinkRay™ analytics

With LinkRay™ analytics you can see who interacted with which products, as well as any purchase or promotional outcome. When combined with Panasonic’s fisheye camera you can even pin-point exact footage of customer/product interactions for a more personal and in-depth analysis.


Market Applications

LinkRay™ is ideal for the below sectors:

LinkRay™ Line-up

Panasonic is collaborating with partners to expend the transmitter line-up and build customisable LinkRay™ installations such as, signboards, showcases and spotlights.

Signage Display


Sign Board



Panasonic Professional Display with LinkRay embedded (SF1H/SF2H series)

Panasonic LinkRay embedded projector (MZ series)

Integrating Signboards with LinkRay™  functionality

LED Spotlight embedded with LinkRay™ functionality

Combining LinkRay™ with showcase

  • 24/7 Displays in 42“, 49“, 55“, 70“, 80“ sizes, 700cd/m² Brightness.
  • Can be touch-capable with optional touch overlay.
  • High brightness up to 7,700lm

  • Light ID is detectable from the projected screen.

  • Modulate small and large LED signboards
  • Different modulators, depending on the size of the signs and voltage/current types
  • Light ID is detectable from the indirect light reflected on objects
  • Light ID is detectable from the indirect light reflected on objects
  • Showcase and lighting build to order





LinkRay™ System Configuration

Applications for LinkRay™

Panasonic provides a dedicated LinkRay™ Solution app for iOS/Android™. Users can download it to supported smartphones and tablets for free. Panasonic also provides an SDK (Software Development Kit) that enables collaboration with third-party app developers.



Supported Operating Systems

To get the latest information concerning devices tested for compatibility, please visit: http://panasonic.net/avc/LinkRay



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