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Special-Elektronik AB

Special-Elektronik AB

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Category   Projectors

Mr. Christoffer Fagerström


We are a value added distributor located in Sweden. We can help our dealers with the right products and also guide end customer and guide them to a dealer nearly located. We do not sell directly to end users but we can guide you where to buy.


Projectors, Large venue projectors, PT-RZ31K Series, PT-RZ21K Series, PT-DZ21K2 series, PT-DZ21K series, PT-RQ13 Series, PT-DZ13K series, PT-EX16K, PT-EX12K, PT-DZ110X series, Fixed installation projectors, PT-RZ120, PT-RZ970 Series, PT-VMZ60 Series, PT-RZ870, PT-DZ870 series, PT-DZ780 Series, PT-RZ770 Series, PT-RZ670 series, PT-RZ660 Series, PT-MZ770 Series, PT-MZ670 Series, PT-DZ770 series, PT-DZ680 series, PT-DZ570 series, PT-RZ570 Series, PT-RZ470/RW430, PT-RZ370/RW330, PT-EZ770 series, PT-EZ570 series, PT-EZ580 series, PT-EZ590 Series, PT-FZ570 Series, PT-FW430 series, PT-DZ6700 Series, PT-LZ370, PT-FW300 Series, PT-RZ575, Short throw projectors, PT-CW330 series, PT-TW330 series, PT-TW340 series, PT-CW230 series, PT-ST10, PT-TW230 series, PT-TW343R Series, PT-TW351R Series, PT-TW371R Series, Portable projectors, PT-VZ580 Series, PT-VZ570 series, PT-VW360 Series, PT-VW350 Series, PT-LB360 series, PT-VW431D, PT-VW430 series, PT-VW340 series, PT-LW271 series/LX270 series, PT-VW330 series, PT-LW25H series, PT-LB3 series, PT-LB412 Series, PT-LB425 Series, PT-LB423 Series, Lighting Projector, Home cinema projectors, PT-AT5000, PT-AH1000, PT-AT6000, Optional Projector accessories, Lenses, Ultra Short Throw Lens, Fisheye Lens, Digital Interface Box, DIGITAL LINK Switcher, Early Warning System, Multi Window Processor, Geometry Manager Pro, Autoscreen Adjustment, Easy Wireless Stick, Optional Wireless Module, Brackets, Lamps, Filters, Frames, Software, Pens, Interface board/conversion cable, Mirror Head

Useful information

You can send requsts to our sales team at or call us: +46 54 444 20 30

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