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Access Control

Bravida (Integrated by Panasonic) is one of the leading Integrated Security System Platforms.

Bravida (Integrated by Panasonic) strengths manifested in situations where the client has a complex security solution and in companies and organizations many people are employed, where the flow of information is large, and where the focus is on the need for user-friendly security administration.

The system’s strength is the easy way which different functions can be integrated. These functions include access control, intruder alarms, CCTV and fire alarms with standard interface such as OPC for control and Data Service (DS) for connectivity with external databases, which facilitates administration.

The network-based security system Bravida (Integrated by Panasonic) has been designed to simplify installation and ease of use. Security systems such as intruder alarm, assault alarm, access control, fire warning, monitoring and maneuvering can be integrated into a single system platform – Bravida (Integrated by Panasonic)

Bravida’s (Integrated by Panasonic) software, developed for Windows, provides a user-friendly and familiar interface that enables graphic presentation and control. An unlimited number of operator stations can be used to manage Bravida (Integrated by Panasonic)

Integra Easy Connect (IEC)
Our standard Interface IEC make it easy to integrate. IEC is an interface to other systems, mostly administration systems and data export.

Integra Smartcard Solution (ISS).
Bravida (Integrated by Panasonic) is one of the market leaders when it comes to RFID & Smart Card Solutions like Mifare technologies. Several card technologies can be utilized with Bravida (Integrated by Panasonic), and Bravida (Integrated by Panasonic) allows use of up to 99 different card systems within the same system. We support for the moment Mifare Classic, Mifare Desfire, Mifare Plus S, Mifare Plus X with all 3 security levels.

For differentiated authorization of administrator access, Bravida (Integrated by Panasonic) can be divided into several different systems. This is the most flexible database on the market.