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AMSTERDAM. 29th JANUARY 2013Panasonic are showcasing highlights from their remote camera line up at ISE 2013. On show are compact HD remote cameras with high picture quality which offer precision solutions for even for difficult shooting conditions.


On the booth at ISE, Panasonic Broadcast & Broadcast & ProAV team will showcase a Complete IP operation based on a Remote Camera Network.


The AW-HE120 is a small, lightweight SD/HD pan-tilt camera system supporting both SDI and HDMI.  IP connection enables flexible system configurations, simple connections and settings. It's easy to connect for simple plug and play operation and with its sleek design and colour variations, it blends with atmospheres in a variety of situations.

The range of applications for the AW-HE120 system is vast. They are particularly good for live production of entertainment and performance where reliable, robust and concealable equipment capable of capturing high quality images in very low levels of lighting is required. Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London has done just that. By coupling the AW-HE120 with the handheld camera recorder the AG-HPX250, they are able to broadcast performances on the web to broaden the audience. By using the 100 pre-sets for direction and zoom, it is super simple for the live technicians to switch view and deliver dynamic content in often dusky low light environments.


The AW-HE2 is a low-cost model enabling video over IP. It incorporates a 1/4.37 (Effective) type, 14-megapixel MOS sensor and the ultra-high resolution technology to achieve approximately 2x "iA" zoom". It features electronic pan/tilt /zoom controls and a wide angle of 95 degrees. It is equipped with a preset memory for up to nine points. It also features a HDMI terminal and can output multiple HD/SD format signals supporting the Full-HD progressive output (1080p). With its small and light weight body and a built-in microphone, the AW-HE2 is an ideal cost effective camera for use in video conferencing, learning scenarios and other applications where a small portable camera is needed, such as education.


The AW-HE60 series HD integrated cameras are equipped with a 1/3 type Full-HD MOS sensor.  Multiple HD/SD format signals can be outputted. The video output interfaces include HD/SD SDI output (AW-HE60S only), HDMI digital video output supporting the 1080p output (AW-HE60H only), analog component (D-sub15 pin) output, and analog composite output. They incorporate the dynamic range stretch (DRS) function to minimize saturation in highlights and blocking in dark areas and the hybrid digital noise reduction (Hybrid DNR) function for suppressing afterimages even in dimly lit situation. They are also equipped with an infrared "Night mode"*1 which is excellent for night time filming or broadcasting from locations with low light environments.


The AW-RP120 is the latest remote camera controller supports a variety of the Panasonic remote camera systems. IP connection allows a large-scale, flexible, and simple system configuration for controlling up to 100 remote cameras and the simultaneous use of multiple controllers. A new joystick enables high response pan and tilt operation, and a newly designed control panel adds colour adjustment dials. A preset memory with a new batch recall function and tracing memory save labor by allowing single-person operation. Equipped with Paint and other camera adjustment functions, the AW-RP120 meets a wide range of high-end needs. It is the ideal all-in-one controller for many applications such as live event production, conference halls, public facilities and rental.


Another fantastic product, particularly for live production is the AW-HS50. Neatly compact and professional, it is a digital video switcher equipped with four SDI inputs, one DVI-D input, two SDI outputs and one DVI-D output. Despite its compact half rack size, the switcher provides professional HD production with its built-in MultiViewer display function, which lets you select from eight split-screen patterns, and frame synchronizer.


*1: An optional infrared light is required