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Panasonic launch new remote camera at MonitorExpo

Panasonic has used this week’s MonitorExpo in Copenhagen to introduce a new remote camera, set to launch in December.

The new AW-HE130 remote camera uses a single LAN cable for power supply, control and Full HD video output.

The camera is capable of full HD video output via IP transmission, in addition to HD-SDI and HDMI. The highly sensitive camera is equipped with 1/2.86-type three MOS sensors, allowing for high-grade filming even in low light conditions.

Panasonic Product Marketing Manager, Markus Naegele, said, “This camera replaces the very popular HE120 and is suitable for similar applications, such as lecture streaming, video conferencing and, of course, reality TV and documentary production.”

“It’s easy to operate and, using an IP control browser, users can control the camera from a PC, tablet or smartphone device. Because it’s cooling fan-free, the camera is also very quiet.

“The camera also includes a new infrared night mode and a digital extender, which can increase the effective focal length of the lens by 40% while delivering smooth, high resolution video.”

An image quality correction function allows for precision imaging; in addition to 12 conventional axes there are three skin tone axes for more accurate skin tones. Precise colour temperature settings can also be made with a dial to render colours, dependent on the application.

The Optical Image Stabilisation System (OIS) automatically corrects small vibrations, caused by doors opening and closing to enable stable video filming.

“The addition of PoE+, (Power over Ethernet plus) means that the camera only needs one LAN cable for its power supply, control and video output,” added Markus Naegele. “This reduces installation costs and saves time, while costs are also reduced through the ability to transmit video via IP without the need of an encoder.”

The new camera is available in both black and white and has an RRP of 7.800 EUR (excl. VAT), what is the same price as the current HE120.

Panasonic also exhibited the new VariCam and PX800 cameras, launched in September, at MonitorExpo.