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Panasonic and Pomfort introduce in-camera live grading for VariCam 35

Panasonic has collaborated with Pomfort to introduce in-camera live grading for the much anticipated VariCam 35, which can be interactively controlled by Pomfort LiveGrade Pro.

It means the camera now supports creative work with the image using 3D LUT (lookup tables) as well as CDL (colour decision list). Look metadata can be controlled and managed with the colour grading application LiveGrade Pro via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. The camera also allows non-destructive or baked-in recording of look metadata.

“As workflows have changed, most productions are aware that post-production starts on the film set during shooting,” said Rob Tarrant, European Product Marketing Manager for Panasonic. “Post-production colour management efficiency can be drastically improved by good preparation and pre-visualisation during shooting. Initialising the image look in-camera is the best way to enable a managed colour process throughout production and post-production.”

LiveGrade has been designed to interactively apply and adjust looks on the live image of digital film cameras. By pre-visualising colour corrected images on set, LiveGrade supports the filmmaker for image composition, exposure control and lighting of a scene. The software establishes a starting point for the colour management process at the film set.

Pomfort LiveGrade has become the industry standard for on-set colour grading – and by extending the range of supported 3rd party hardware with the VariCam 35 camera we give users of LiveGrade entirely new options for creative work that perfectly fit the requirements of a specific production,“ says Patrick Renner, product manager for LiveGrade at Pomfort. “During the collaboration with Panasonic we always felt like we were working as one team. I think the result of this work is that we are now able to bring the best possible solution to the customer.”

Live demonstrations of the in-camera live grading will take place at BSC Expo at the Richard Attenborough stage at Pinewood Studios, UK (30-31st January 2015) and at the Micro Salon at La Femis, Paris (6-7th February 2015).

The LiveGrade 2.2 update for Varicam is available free of charge for all LiveGrade Pro v2 customers. A new license of LiveGrade Pro can be purchased for €799.
A 14-day trial version is available as a free download at: http://pomfort.com/trylivegrade


Notes for editors

System requirements for LiveGrade Pro
* Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.8 or higher

Live Grade Specification
The latest version 2.2 of LiveGrade Pro offers easy connection, control and management of creative looks with the Varicam 35 camera.

• Interactive manipulation of CDL-based creative looks
• Preset for V-Log to V-709
• Upload of custom 3D LUTs
• Support for hardware grading panels
• LiveGrade Remote App for wireless remote control
• Comprehensive look management
• Support for multiple Varicam 35 cameras
• Workflow options: look information “baked-in” (e.g. in dailies recorded in camera), or stored as metadata (CDL and 3D-LUT in camera)
• Password-Protected communication for authorised access cameras