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4K micro camera set for VISION debut

Panasonic is set to exhibit its 4K industrial micro camera technology at VISION 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The show, which takes place from 8-10 November 2016, is the world’s leading machine vision trade fair and a key platform for component manufacturers. Panasonic’s full range of Industrial Medical Vision technology and OEM micro camera solutions will be on the stand, including the 4K Ultra HD micro camera and new Full HD/2K micro camera.

The 4K Ultra HD system (GP-UH532) provides an ultra-high resolution of up to 1600 TV lines and contains the industry’s smallest 4K camera head with an 1/3 inch image sensor. Featuring unique Panasonic 3MOS colour separation technology, the UH532 enables accurate colour separation and excellent colour reproduction. It has a 4K/2K simultaneous dual channel output and meets Medical Electrical Standards IEC60601. The system can be applied in various industrial and medical applications to visualise 4K images.

In addition, the company’s new Full HD/2K micro camera (GP-UH332) will also be on display at Vision 2016. The camera offers a resolution of up to 1000 TV lines and high image sensitivity at 2000lx/F11. The micro camera provides HDMI & HD-SDI outputs and allows an ease of implementation in a variety of applications.

Both cameras will be set up with a Carl Zeiss microscope, enabling visitors to see the difference in resolution between Full HD/2K and 4K for themselves, on two separate monitors.

Margarita Zoussevitch, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic Industrial Medical Vision, said, “In addition to our 4K micro camera we’re also announcing the portable 4K recorder system POVCAM. The system provides high-definition 4K images with up to 20x optical zoom and surgical light mode.”

The portable recorder is scheduled for released in Spring 2017 and can be utilised for live recording in medical and industrial environments.

For more information on Panasonic IMV solutions, visit the Panasonic website: https://business.panasonic.eu/imv