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SIP Trunk

UC-Line's SIP Trunk solutions require minimal investment and can use your existing Panasonic PBX to traffic calls over the network. 

Take advantage of IP technology and reduce subscription cost vs. today’s PSTN and ISDN lines. This may be suitable for businesses that have recently purchased a new PBX product, but would like to keep their costs low. 


UC-Line works with all Panasonic PBX products (NCP, NS, NSX, HTS Series). If you’re using currently a 3rd party product, let us know your situation so we can check how UC-Line SIP Trunk or UC-Line hosted PBX by embedded Unified Communications solution could help you to reach-out more effective business communication.


Managed SIP Overview:



Managed SIP trunk

Smart Call Routing

Affordable, manageable solution

Easy deployment

Exclusive for Panasonic PBX (NS, NSX, HTS Series)

Any customer using Panasonic PBX today

All company sizes; small, medium or large

Any customer segment or vertical

Panasonic Resellers and Communication Business Partners

Quick Installment


UC-Line Managed SIP allows customers to maintain their existing legacy equipment and phone system

Seamless integration with minimum interruption at cross-ver date on customer premises

UC Line gives maximum flexibility for customers who want to have greater input in their deployment and management.

It can be deployed in a range of different environments with different contexts, locations, requirements and set up



Suitable as supplementary over the top solution to your exisiting or new Panasonic premise PBX.



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