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  • KX-UDS124

    SIP DECT Cell Station

Easy to Deploy

The KX-UDS124 Cell Station for the KX-UDT121/111 is easy to install. The time saved in installation also lowers labor costs. Either of the Panasonic Cell Stations (CS) can be set as the Super Master CS, so there is no need to install a special server for Super Master use.

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Easy site planning
Panasonic provides a tool for planning Cell Station set-up locations free of charge. With this tool, you simply place the CS in the locations shown in the diagram. The signal range is estimated for easy site planning.

Easy site survey
It used to require Cell Stations, handsets, and various other equipment to check the actual signal conditions in the setup locations based on site planning, in order to determine the final locations. With the KX-UDS124, only two Cell Stations are necessary for a site survey while using the LED colors to check the signal condition. Also, after installing each Cell Station, the loop back function of the KX-UDT121/111 can be used to check the sound and radio conditions, making it possible for a single person to check the entire service area.

Easy CS registration
Once the Cell Stations are installed, they are each automatically registered. Previously the registration for each Cell Station had to be done manually. With the KX-UDS124, only the Master CS needs to be registered, after which the other Cell Stations are automatically registered with a single click as Slave CS.

Easy Tree Survey
The Panasonic KX-UDS124 can also use the Web setup function or a dedicated application to automatically handle tree surveys and configurations. This is an improvement over the previous manual registration and complicated tree configuration process. Once the tree survey is activated from the PC setting screen, the signal condition between the Cell Stations is inspected, the tree is configured based on the results, and a 2nd Master and other ideal CS classes are automatically set. Setting the 2nd Master also provides system redundancy.
he CS tree configuration as viewed on the CS Maintenance Tool.