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Employee Productivity Management
Key Features

Reporting and Monitor without application server

Schedule Email delivery 

Multiple Supervisors

Data provided in web and .csv format

Built in option for all KX-NS Series and Supports all common web browsers

Panasonic NS Series systems provide optional built-in reporting and monitoring tools that are easy to activate, easy to use and immediately effective in helping supervisors manage employee performance. Via web browser or scheduled email delivery, supervisor can access a range of graphical or tabular statistical reports to assist in measurement and management of staff resources and ensure high quality customer service response and improved employee productivity.

Ideal for small-to-medium-scale businesses that rely on telephones for sales, consulting and research etc. With Employee Productivity Management you have the ability to see when each employee begins and ends their working day, as well as 'seeing' their telephone activity, and creating reports, thus giving you the opportunity to improve efficiency across your business. Employee Productivity Management is easy to use and effective in aiding supervisors manage employee performance.

  • Built-in option for Panasonic KX-NS series
  • Easy Activation and easy-to-use interface
  • Powerful functions & flexible to meet and evolve with your needs
  • Monitor the progress of management initiatives
  • Built-in reporting service requiring only NS system storage media and activation keys
  • Email delivery configurable through standard SMTP mail services
  • Industry standard .csv data export or print from web options
  • Includes near-real time live wallboard display option
  • Easy to activate and easy to use – 60 day free trial options available

See it, solve it; Succeed with Employee Productivity Management

The Challenge

  • How can I more effectively manage my employees?
  • Do I have employee attendance data at my fingertips?
  • Can I “see” how my employees are working even when they are out of sight?
  • Can I measure and analyse employee performance?

The Solution

Our tool allows you to…

  • Identify areas that need attention
  • Clarify the who, what and the why
  • Monitor the progress of management initiatives

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