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You have probably heard the old saying: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” A great philosophy to follow in many aspects of life, especially when it comes to customer service. Like it or not, your phone system is your direct route to your customers, as it plays a crucial part of giving that first impression and providing the right customer service, at the highest quality. Installing a new modern IP driven PBX phone system has led to a much better customer service and higher productivity for the company Kung Markatta. 

“Since the new system has been implemented, I can honestly say that we have not had any frustrations about being forced to invest in another system - quite the contrary. Now, we have a very user-friendly system that is easy to work with and provide us with many new features that improves our work with customer care,” says Helena Åhlén, Customer Manager, Kung Markatta. 

The system has several advantages that improve the quality of our customer service. Features such as more efficient call management, call screening and the ability to make rules for different types of calls through the platform’s CAclient all mean that the customer ends up with the right person from the beginning, ensuring faster response time and better service. 

Improved workflow and happier employees

“Besides delivering better customer service, we experience an improved workflow and happier employees. Imagine the difference of knowing whether you are going to have a call about a new order or if you are about to handle a customer complaint. When a customer calls us today, they will meet four options and if they choose to complain, the call goes directly to our most skilled employees within this area. That was not an option before,” says Helena Åhlén, Customer Manager, Kung Markatta. She continues:

“Another benefit is the option to categorize calls, which has made it much easier for us to create the most optimal work plan. In this connection, we have collected data from the many incoming calls over the last few months, which was quite easy to do. It has provided us with valuable insights on which employees we need on a given time in order to keep up our high level of customer service.”

The new phone system also opens up for setting internal replies such as ‘I’m in a meeting’, ‘I’m on holiday’, as well as the possibility of routing direct calls. These functions are something all employees at Kung Markatta frequently use. Furthermore, the phone system integrates with CAclient, which increases the functionality and positively affects workflows internally.

”Nobody used the internal reply function before with the old system, as it was very complicated. Now, it has already become a nice habit around here. It improves our customer service and provides better internal organization. It is easy to look up in the CAclient to see if my colleague is busy or not.”

A killer first impression

Kung Markatta met with several different suppliers in order to find the right solution. In the end, the company chose the Panasonic PBX system, through the Swedish telecommunication company Mobilect AB.

“Mobilect was the dark horse, because they joined the bidding process rather late. However, we really liked their presentation, the price was fair and the company seemed highly trustworthy. Mobilect took us to one of their customers in order for us to get a hands-on experience with the Panasonic system. This gave us a unique chance to ask questions and learn about the customer’s experience with implementing the system. They demonstrated how easy it was to use and shared that they had only experienced a few minor issues in the beginning with the switchover. It was easy to tell that the customer was very pleased about the system, which of course also had a positive effect on us. A killer first impression,” explains Helena Åhlén, Customer Manager, Kung Markatta.

When asking Mobilect, it was not a coincidence that Kung Markatta received a great first impression.

“Show it, don’t tell it. We understand how important it is for our clients to know every detail before they decide to implement a completely new system, both the positive and more challenging impacts. That is why we always set up customer meetings. We have worked with the Panasonic PBX systems for many years and we feel very confident in recommending their products.

Panasonic delivers high quality and user-friendly products, and we share the same opinion on what a good partnership is. We have a close dialogue, they listen to our needs and keep innovating their solutions in response,” says Sales Manager Benny Andersson, Mobilect AB.   

“The first impression is key, and I must say that Mobilect has lived up to the good presentation they delivered first hand. The implementation has run perfectly smooth from day one and we can highly recommend the solution to other companies who want to replace their old phone system and improve on their customer service,” concludes Helena Åhlén, Customer Manager, Kung Markatta.

How is PBX configured?

Mixed configuration between IP Phones (model KX-NT553), IP business communication server NS1000 with CA Pro for customer service and admin staff
DECT phones for warehouse and distribution staff
The PBX is connected with 20 SIP trunks

About Kung Markatta

Kung Markatta AB has one of the biggest assortment of brands within organic foods. Under the brand Kung Markatta there are approximately 200 products. The company also distributes several other brands e.g. Yogi Tea, Alpro, Green & Black’s and Dr. Martins Coco Juice. The turnover of Kung Markatta was 407 million SEK during 2015 and the company has 40 employees.