• PT-RZ670E

    6,500 lm / WUXGA / 1-chip DLP Laser

6,500 lumens Solid Shine laser projector - PT-RZ670E

Designed for intensive usage and long lasting brightness in education, museums, exhibitions and digital signage applications

Benefits of the PT-RZ670 Series

1. Long-lasting reliability and high picture quality

  • The world’s first* brightest 6,500-lm brightness as a laser light source 1-chip DLP™ projector
  • Bright, beautiful picture quality for a long period of time.
  • Reliable drive system enables continuous 24/7 operation with no downtime
  • Long-lasting brightness and low maintenance enable TCO (total cost of ownership) to be reduced
  • Laser light source and filter-less design allow maintenance-free of 20,000 hours**
  • Newly designed optical system achieves high reliability and excellent color reproduction
  • A new liquid cooling system maintains quiet, long-term, stable operation while keeping the exhaust heat extremely low
  • A filter-less, dust-resistant structure with an airtight optical block
  • Detail Clarity Processor 3 gives natural clarity to even the finest details
  • System Daylight View 2 enhances color perception with no need to turn off the lights
  • Advanced technologies for excellent image quality including full 10-bit signal processing
  • DICOM Simulation mode reproduces easy-to-view to view rendering of X-ray photos***
  • Rec. 709 mode to provide accurate colors
  • Waveform Monitor for easy and precise calibration


2. Expanding installation flexibility

  • Multi-Screen Support System seamlessly connects multiple screens: edge blending, color matching and multi-screen processor
  • Multi-Unit Brightness Control function
  • Projection is possible with a flexible layout thanks to vertical and horizontal 360-degree installation
  • Lens-centered design and a wide horizontal/vertical lens shift
  • Geometric Adjustment for specially shaped screens (PT-RZ670)
  • Optional Upgrade Kit ET-UK20 featuring Geometry Manager Pro for more flexible geometric adjustment and modified masking functions (PT-RZ670)
  • Optional ET-CUK10**** Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit for automatic multi-screen projection setup (PT-RZ670)
  • A wide selection of optional lenses including the ET-DLE030 ultra-short throw lens


3. Professional system integration

  • DIGITAL LINK transmits digital signals (HDMI, uncompressed HD video, audio, and control signals) up to 100 m (328 ft) with a single CAT5e cable or higher
  • Quick on/off: Image appears immediately and no need for cooling after use
  • Shutter function with fade in/out effect
  • No on/off cycle limitation
  • Art-Net***** compatible
  • Abundant terminals, including SDI (3G/HD/SD), DVI-D and HDMI inputs
  • Optional ET-YFB100G Digital Interface Box for single cable solution
  • Optional ET-MWP100G Multi Window Processor for multi-screen solution
  • Multi Projector Monitoring and Control Software allows multiple projectors to be managed together over a wired LAN or RS-232C
  • Web Browser Control
  • PJLink™ compatible

* For 1-chip DLP™ projectors, as of January 2014.
** A guideline for light source replacement. The maintenance-free period may be shortened due to environmental conditions.
*** This product is not a medical instrument. Do not use it for actual medical diagnosis.
**** Availability is limited to certain regions only.
***** Art-Net is a protocol for transmitting the lighting control protocol DMX512 over Ethernet.

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