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Panasonic has announced the availability of the BF1 series, the interactive Panaboard series designed for use in education and business.


Panasonic has expanded its signage display lineup with the release of the EF1 series, which adds 84, 75, and 32-inch displays to the LFE8 Series released at ISE in 2015.

The EF1 series, available from July 2016, focuses on high image quality, reliability, and self-contained functionality in an IPS panel. Each features a built-in USB media player, eliminating the need for a set-top box or a connected PC for basic functionality. It’s also possible to have synchronised playback on multiple screens using the USB media player, when connected via LAN and a hub.


Panasonic has used ICOM Milano 2016 (International Council of Museums) to showcase its visual and security solutions aimed at enriching the visitor experience in the museum sector.

The highlight of the conference is the presentation of ‘Ancient times seen through a modern lens’, a collaboration on how to enrich the visitor experience using today’s technology, with Moesgaard Museum and CAVI (Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction).


Panasonic has showcased three low-maintenance, ultra-compact 1-Chip DLPTM laser phosphor projectors at InfoComm 2016.

Aimed at exhibition, staging, signage, control room, education and meeting room applications, the projectors are the PT-RZ970 series (three models up to 10,400 lm(Center)), the PT-RZ770 series (two models up to 7,200 lm(Center)) and the PT-RZ660 series (two models up to 6,200 lm(Center)).