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Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology

Panasonic's Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology is designed to revolutionise security operations in a variety of applications. This technology allows a surveillance camera to detect the details of a number plate, which will then be fed in to a database. 

How does it work?


panasonic, number plate recognition, security solutions, security technology, surveiillance, anpr, npr, lprThe Automatic Number Plate Recognition software will automatically record each number plate as it enters the surveillance camera's view. 








panasonic, security technology, surveillance camera, number plate recognition, anpr, npr, lpr       A user can then choose to add this information in to a database, and assign tags to the      particular plate in order to categorise it. 







panasonic, surveillance camera, number plate recognition, security camera, anpr, npr, lprAfter adding the number plate to the database, the user will then be able to add extra details such as the name of the owner, and the car model. They will also have the ability to set up an alarm system, in which the user will be notified if any of the cameras in their system detect a particular number plate.






panasonic, number plate recognition, surveillance technology, security camera, anpr, npr, lprAfter this protocol is put in place, the system will automatically trigger an alarm if the marked number plate is directed. It will then display a message detailing a course of action for the current user, as seen in the adjacent image.







This security technology is designed to ensure that your business is able to run securely and efficiently through the automation of this process. This automation also means that employees will be able to communicate all potential threats to future users through the use of the efficient database. 

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